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Missed ordering at school or need to re-order?

  Kindergarten -11th grade fall portraits can be ordered here! - a Student ID is your password. 


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You must enter the Student ID number (sometimes referred to as a lunch number!)  to view pictures.  

ONLY the schools listed below are included online: 

Brookwood Elementary

Cedar Ridge Elementary

Columbia Middle

Evans High 

Evans Middle

Euchee Creek Elementary

Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics

Greenbrier High

Greenbrier Middle

Greenbrier Elementary

Grovetown High

Grovetown Middle

Harlem High

Harlem Middle

Lakeside High

Lakeside Middle

Martinez Elementary

North Columbia Elementary

Riverside Middle

Stallings Island Middle

Call the studio to order past Fall, Spring, or Class pictures.

We are open Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm.




656 Horizon South Parkway

Grovetown, Ga 30813