We believe no one captures weddings quite like Branch Carter and Barry Koenig. Of course every photographer and vendor believes their story is like no other, and rightly they should. But simply ask ANY one of our hundreds of brides to describe their photography experience and their words are a testament in themselves.

Weddings are not a shoot; they are a special one-time event. At Carter Koenig Photography, we photograph from an approach to be able to build your Italian storybook wedding album. (Make sure you see our gallery or storybook album pages!)

There is a reason that we have photographed more brides, more engagements and more weddings than just about any professional or aspiring photographer.

Remember, when selecting your wedding photographer we tell our brides to look for three items: style, personality and investment. Photography style must fit your desires for the images you want and what you envision to be captured. Personality must be a match as you spend countless hours with the person who is photographing you...when you are happiest, stressed, relieved and joyful. And lastly, investment is always part of the mix as our collections begin in the $2K range.

You only get one chance. Whatever you choose, make sure it is a professional that is not learning on the job. Choose someone who you would trust without ANY reservation.

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