How do I prepare for pictures at school?

Every student at every school should come prepared on the date of pictures to take the traditional, formal senior portrait (IF they did not participate in an optional, summertime session at our studio)  *There is no session fee to have your pictures taken at school.

-Girls: bring or wear a spaghetti strap tank top for wearing under our studio supplied black velvet drape/cape. Also, consider bringing special jewelry of your own choice. 

-Guys: bring or wear a light colored t-shirt to wear under the studio supplied tuxedo.

-IF your school includes casuals pictures along with the traditional formal picture, dress in your favorite casual outfit for pictures that same day!

ALL pictures taken at school will be uploaded to our password protected gallery called SHOOTPROOF. You will receive a link to view your images within 10 days after the session at school.  Your email will provide directions regarding how you will submit your yearbook selections!

Is my school contracted with Carter Koenig for yearbook pictures?

  • A.R. Johnson (casual & formal pix)

  • Augusta Prep (formal only)

  • Davidson School of Fine Arts (casual & formal pix)

  • Cross Creek High (formal only)

  • Evans High (formal only)

  • Fox Creek High (casual & formal pix)

  • Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics (casual & formal pix)

  • Greenbrier (formal only)

  • Grovetown High (casual & formal pix)

  • Harlem High (casual & formal pix)

  • Lakeside High (casual & formal pix)

  • Richmond County TCM (casual & formal pix)

  • Thomson High (formal only)

  • Westminster (casual & formal pix)


But even if your school is not on the list, call us!  We may be just

what you are looking for!

What sets Carter Koenig apart from the rest?

Not counting the fact that we are your official yearbook photographer, we are real professional photographers. From having multiple top awards from the Georgia Professional Photographers, to serving as leaders in our industry to being just good guys, we are a proven success.  We've photographed everything from 1 day old babies to professional basketball/football/baseball players to the President. 

(Yep...we've been commissioned not once, but three times,

to photograph and video a past U.S. president.)

Can someone else take my pictures to submit to the school and yearbook?

Unfortunately, not for the specific senior section of the yearbook.  

The yearbook/ID/security/media center files are very specific in nature and must be formatted specifically to fit the school I.T. requirements.  If you don't come out over the summer, we will capture your image at the school.  When we photograph at school, you will not know when you get called out of class; it could be first thing in the morning, or long after lunch.  Please note, due to time and space limitations at school, there will be fewer backgrounds and casual images captured. 


But I have a friend who wants to take my senior pictures for free…

First and foremost, we want our seniors to have the most enjoyable experience.  But remember the saying...you get what you pay for.  With Carter Koenig Photography, we will make you look awesome and you will have a great time at your session.