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What happens next?

You should receive a confirmation email, detailing directions to our studio and recommendations on what you need for your session. If you do not receive this email, please contact our studio directly!

We look forward to seeing you!


What sets Carter Koenig apart from the rest?

Not counting the fact that we are your official yearbook photographer, we are real professional photographers. From having the top award (multiple times) from the Georgia Professional Photographers, to serving as leaders in our industry to being just good guys, we are a proven success.  We've photographed everything from day old babies to professional basketball/football/baseball players to the President.  (Yep..we've been commissioned not once, but three times,

to photograph and video a past U.S. president.)


Can someone else take my pictures and submit them to the school and yearbook? 

Unfortunately, no.   The yearbook/ID/security/media center files are very specific in nature and must be formatted specifically to fit the school I.T. requirements.  If you don't come out over the summer, we will capture your image at the school, but there's a drawback.  When we photograph at school, you will not know when you get called out of class; it could be first thing in the morning, or long after lunch.  

Now...check out our cool art products available for purchase of your images! 

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