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Cap & Gown Session at the studio!

Studio Cap & Gown session: $25 

 3 backgrounds; pictures inside &

outdoors (weather permitting!

(you must bring your OWN cap & gown)

$25 credit toward purchase of $100 or more - PROMO code: CGREBATE

Senior Portrait Sessions in the Spring

You made it through fall semester!

You can a see light at the end of a 12 year journey to reach graduation!

Perhaps you changed your hair style!  Perhaps one more family pictures needs to be captured before you graduate!

There are so many reasons to consider portraits in

March, April or May!

Call studio to book.


Spring Senior session:  $45

Pictures inside and outdoors; 2 outfits

(cap & gown COULD be second oufit if you choose)


Book an hour long, afternoon weekday Family Portrait Session

$299 for an hour long session

Receive ALL Images UnRetouched on a flashdrive!

(by paying $299 upfront, we are waiving the $95 session fee!)

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© Carter Koenig Photography

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