Learn From Home Studio Yearbook Sessions are now available on October 6 & 7.

Email the studio at info@carkoe.com for booking information.  

Session fee is $30 for the studio sessions.

There is a session fee to cover studio costs, additional safety protocols and staffing.

For all senior students needing portraits for the yearbook, don't worry!

The same talented photographers will come to your school and capture portraits for your yearbook and other admin/ID purposes. Listen at school for information from your English teacher about when and how to prepare for picture day.

There is no fee for sessions at school.  

Dual Enrolled Students: 

To be included in the yearbook, you must make arrangements to attend the portrait sessions at school if you haven't already taken pictures at the studio over the summer.  We cannot guarantee your inclusion in the yearbook otherwise. 

Learning from Home Students:

These students should receive information from their school for the arrangements

the school has coordinated with us to capture senior portraits.




(all dates subject to change)

Evans-  August 12 & 13

Greenbrier- August 20 & 21

Lakeside - August 24 & 25

Thomson - TBD

Grovetown - September 1 & 2

Westminster -  September 22

Augusta Prep - September 23

Davidson - September 25

Harlem - September 29 & 30

AR Johnson - October 8

Cross Creek - October 14

RCTCM - October 16

Fox Creek - November 6