About Carter Koenig School Photography

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Why Carter Koenig Photography for your school portraits? The quality, the choices, the posing, and the helpful local voices and people! We are more than a toll-free number and website. Branch Carter & Barry Koenig, award winning photographers known for their portrait quality, take pride in creating school portraits that make parents smile.


We are full time photographers, not button pushers who are trained in minutes and turned over to school photography. We give parents choices in their school photography purchases. Rather than telling you what you must purchase, you create your own package!


Fall portraits are usually reserved for yearbook and portraits that showcase a close up of the student. In the spring, our posing and backgrounds are true studio quality. School portrait opportunities range from fall individual, to spring friendship, to iconic sports candids, to dramatic sports action. And, we are local which means parents can come to the studio for assistance in the event that retakes are needed!


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