School Sessions

For all senior students needing portraits for the yearbook, don't worry! The same talented photographers will come to your school and capture portraits for your yearbook and other admin purposes. Listen at school for information from your English teacher about when and how to prepare for picture day. There is no fee for sessions at school.

These portraits will still be uploaded to our password protected website for you and your family to view and make selections for the yearbook. The deadline for yearbook choices are listed below.


                             Evans-  Tues. August 13                                                Yearbook Deadline: August 26

                             Greenbrier- Tues. August 20                                       Yearbook Deadline: September 5

                             Lakeside- Tues. August 27                                            Yearbook Deadline: September 9

                             Thomson - Fri. August 30                                            Yearbook Deadline: September 12

                             Grovetown- Tues. September 3                                  Yearbook Deadline: September 16

                             Augusta Prep- Fri. September 13                                Yearbook Deadline: September 30

                             Westminster-  Wed. September 18                             Yearbook Deadline: September 30

                             Davidson- Fri. September 20                                       Yearbook Deadline: October 4

                             Harlem- Thurs. September 26                                      Yearbook Deadline: October 7

                             A.R. Johnson- Fri. September 27                                 Yearbook Deadline: October 7

                             Fox Creek-  Wed. October 9                                        Yearbook Deadline: October 14

                             RCTCM- Thurs. October 10                                         Yearbook Deadline: October 17

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